Background Check

Avoid unneeded terminations; Patriot Group offers the most stringent background checks available in the commercial sector.


Android/iOS Mobile App  | Fixed Pricing, Timely Reporting  | Dedicated, Highly-Trained Program Management Team

Patriot Group offers four levels of background checks for clients to choose from based on access to assets and levels of trust. Available online and via mobile app, the platform provides a convenient and secure means to submit and monitor the progress of your background checks and access finished reports. Fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all federal and state laws.

  • A program management team comprised of former intelligence officers and seasoned detectives

  • Checks are performed manually, ensuring that nothing “falls through the cracks”

  • Fixed pricing that allows for easy development of a long term budget

  • Timely and accurate reporting of investigative results

  • Compartmentalization of investigative results that limits the exposure of information only to those with a need to know

  • Direct and timely access to investigative manager and other key personnel